Chia Seeds: A Mighty Superfood

Carrot Mandarin Chia Seed Muffins Chia seeds are an ancient food that belong to the mint family and were originally grown in Mexico and Central America. However, in recent months chia has become immensely popular due to its many nutritional benefits. Chia is a nutritional powerhouse, according to Dr. Coates, professor emeritus in arid lands studies at the University of Arizona. He says the seeds are loaded with vitamins and minerals, are an excellent source of fibre, protein and antioxidants and are the richest plant source of omega-3 fatty acids. Consumption of chia seeds could also help reduce joint pain, aid in weight loss, deliver an energy boost and protect against serious ailments such as, diabetes and heart disease.

The case for adding chia seeds to your kitchen cupboard is strong. Doug Cook, a Toronto-based dietitian, agrees with claims that chia delivers protein, fiber and antioxidants. I have recently incorporated chia into my daily routine as I have found it easy to incorporate these mighty seeds a number of foods I already eat everyday. Since chia seeds have a relatively mild taste it is exceptionally easy to add this superfood to a number of recipes. For instance, try sprinkling them on yogurt or salad, adding them to smoothies or juice, or using milled seeds for baking. Tip: Try this delicious Carrot Mandarin Chia Seed Muffins fromĀ Lemon Fire Brigade.

Chia seeds can also be purchased organically. Currently my favourite brand is Holy Crap “Skinny B” Dragon’s Blend Breakfast Cereal, as it also contains organic hulled hemp hearts and organic buckwheat. This Canadian made product is perfect for sprinkling on yogurt in the morning, as it will help increase concentration, stabilize blood sugar and elevate energy levels. Who wouldn’t want that on those sluggish Monday mornings?